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 The Counselling I offer and how it can help you

The first session I offer is aimed at helping you feel at ease, getting to know each other and for you to get a sense of me and how I work. I will use the time to run through the contract so you know what to expect from me and what it is you can expect from the counselling process. It is useful for me to also do an assessment, to find out what your needs are and what you are hoping to achieve in coming to counselling.
Following this, the time is yours to begin sharing what has brought you to counselling.

I aim to help facilitate you in telling your story and will often prompt and encourage you at times when sharing can be difficult. I believe you are the expert on yourself and so will never attempt to tell you what is best for you but instead listen to and share your experience with you, in a safe space that is managed at the pace you wish to go. 


The aim of the support I offer is to build a therapeutic relationship with you, so you feel heard, respected and understood. In building a therapeutic relationship, comes awareness of your situation and with self-awareness you have the ability to make a change.

The way I work is dictated by the content you bring to each session, so no two sessions may be the same. I aim to work collaboratively with you and creatively with the ability to draw on a variety of techniques from different counselling theories. This allows me to create a unique way of working, that supports your goals for therapy.

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