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I charge £40 for a 50 Minute session

Sessions are open ended and we can discuss how long we may work together in an initial assessment. This will be left up to you, however I do offer both longer term therapy and short term therapy and will help negotiate what feels right for you.

Concessions may be agreed if you are on a low income which are charged at £30 for a 50 minute session. 

I ask that if you cannot attend your session please do inform me no later than 48 hours before, otherwise the cost of your usual session will be charged if unattended. This is due to room rental costs.


I charge £55 for a 60 Minute session either face to face or online.

You may come to counselling knowing how many sessions you would like, or you may be unsure how many you will need. This is something that can be discussed in the first session, however you do not need to make a firm decision on this. The length of time of your therapy can be explored together throughout our time working with one another and is often a collaborative decision as to when to draw therapy to an end. I offer both short term and longer term therapy and I will try to meet your needs depending on your preference. 

I do offer a limited number of concessions which may be agreed if you are on a low income. These sessions are charged at £40 for a 60 minute session. Please ask me for further details.

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