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Reflections Through Writing

It has been some time since I’ve written a blog – however the time has not been ill spent. I’ve been focusing my attention on other areas of my life. But a reoccurring theme has always been present.

I’ve been enjoying writing in various forms over the past few months and recently been paying more attention to that of writing songs, a hobby I have long enjoyed.

It’s been clear to me how you can’t be jack of all trades for everything and certainly can’t do everything at once – which is why writing blogs has taken a bit of a back seat.

Spreading myself over writing assignments, journal entries, writing blogs and writing songs I’ve found a love for writing and the benefits I reap from this. Certainly not everyone’s cup of tea – but I have even found myself enjoying writing assignments for my course – if of course this is done in plenty of time to not feel the pressure from the upcoming deadline (which for me is the only part I don’t like).

There is something about getting deeply engrossed in a particular subject and writing around it either on paper or typing it up. Every bit of writing requires a bit of work – whether you go back over it once or twice, reword a sentence or line of a song or scrap the whole thing and start again. With every bit of writing something new and profound usually appears. For some this may come in the form of a diary for others it may be writing a list and the satisfaction that is brought about by ticking things off one by one.

So, despite not writing blogs too regularly – I feel in some form or another I have been consistently writing and enjoying the feeling this brings of getting my thoughts down on paper or saying and singing them out loud and even more so seeing the finished product at the end of a piece.

An intervention also often used in counselling – whereby clients may be encouraged to keep a journal, or to write a letter to a certain somebody but never send it, or keep a dream diary. Or it could be having a conversation with somebody (or your younger or future self) and saying all the things you want to within the confides of the counselling room using the empty chair technique.

Words play an important role in all of our lives but using them for our pleasure and therapeutic value can be of great importance in how we make sense of our worlds.

I’ve personally decided I like writing so much, I’m now even writing about the joys of writing.

I wonder where pen and paper will take me next….

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